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January 1999 Honolulu, USA

Working Group Working Papers


  • Brief description of Japanese swordfish fisheries and statistics in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Takahashi, M. and K. Yokawa


  • Outlook on some tuna species caught by Taiwan tuna fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean and preliminary stock status from longline data.
  • Chang, S.-K., S.-B. Wang, C.-L. Sun and H.-C. Liu


  • U.S. swordfish fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean.
  • Ito, Y. and A. Coan, Jr.


  • A review of Taiwan's swordfish fishery in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Sun, C.-L., S.-Z. Yeh, S.-P. Wang and S.-K. Chang


  • Standardized catch rate for swordfish caught by Japanese longliner in the North Pacific and the tentative trial of production model.
  • Yokawa, K.


  • Very preliminary North Pacific swordfish assessment.
  • Kleiber, P.


  • A simulation model used to evaluate assessment and managemnet procedures for the Pacific swordfish fishery.
  • Labella, M.


  • Determination of age and growth of the swordfish Xiphias gladius L. in the waters of Taiwan using anal fin spines.
  • Sun, C.-L., S.-P. Wang and S.-Z Yeh


  • Biological research in support of swordfish stock assessment.
  • Demartini, E. and C. Boggs


  • The oceanography of the subtropical frontal zone in the central North Pacific and its relevancy to the Hawaii-based swordfish fishery.
  • Seki, M., J. Polovina, D. Kobayashi and B. Mundy