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23 May-6 June 2012 Shimizu, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Japanese Pacific bluefin tuna catch updates. K. Oshima, M. Abe
and S. Uematsu
02 Input data for stock assessment model, Stock Synthesis 3, on Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalis. S. Uematsu, K. Oshima,
M. Kanaiwa, M. Ichinokawa,
M. Kai, M. Abe,
S. Iwata, K. Fujioka,
H. Fukuda, A. Mizuno,
J.-T. Yoo, S. C. Yoon,
C.-C. Hsu, S. Teo,
A. Aires-da-Silva, M. Dreyfus
and Y. Takeuchi
03 Modification of input fishery data for Stock Synthesis III model from the 2010 Pacific bluefin tuna stock assessment. K. Fujioka, H. Fukuda,
K. Oshima, M. Abe,
S. Iwata, M. Kai
and Y. Takeuchi
04 Strength of 2010 year class observed in catch information. K. Oshima and Y. Takeuchi
05 Withdrawn
06 Preliminary stock assessment of Pacific Bluefin Tuna through Stock Synthesis 3. S. Iwata, S. Uematsu,
K. Oshima, M. Ichinokawa,
M. Kai, M. Abe,
K. Fujioka, H. Fukuda,
A. Mizuno and Y. Takeuchi
07 A sensitivity analysis of stock assessment 2012 for Pacific bluefin tuna. H. Fukuda, M. Kai,
S. Iwata, M. Abe,
A. Mizuno, S. Uematsu,
K. Fujioka, K. Oshima
and Y. Takeuchi
08 Biological reference points and Future projections of Pacific bluefin tuna. M. Kai, M. Ichinokawa
and Y. Takeuchi
09 Estimation of effective sample size for PBF caught by Japanese longline with bootstrap resampling method. A. Mizuno
10 Consideration of effective sample size and weighting for length frequency of PBF. A. Mizuno
11 Estimation of growth curve using conditional age at length data from otolith aging. M. Kai and Y. Takeuchi
12 Withdrawn
13 Activities and data collection of Pacific Bluefin tuna by Taiwanese fishery. Oversea Fisheries Development Council
14 Abundance index of Pacific Bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) by Taiwanese small-scale longline fleet in the southwestern North Pacific Ocean. H.-C. Hsu and H.-Y. Wang
15 Selection of an Asymptotic Selectivity Pattern. K. Piner
16 Withdrawn
17 Withdrawn
18 Revision of input data for stock assessment on Pacific bluefin tuna. K. Oshima
19 Withdrawn
20 Size of Pacific bluefin tuna catches in the Eastern Pacific by Mexican purse seiners, estimated from Catch Document System (CDS). K. Oshima, M. Miyake
and Y. Takeuchi
21 Withdrawn