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15-22 November 2005 Honolulu, USA

Working Group Working Papers

No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Catch estimates for striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax) in the North Pacific, 1952-2004. Clarke, S. and K. Yokawa
02 An estimation of EFL and processed weight relationships and length frequency distribution for the striped marlin, Tetrapturus audax, caught by the Japanese longliner. Saito, H., H. Shono,
F. Muto and K. Yokawa
03 Standardizations of CPUE of striped marlin caught by Japanese offshore and distant water longliners in the North Pacific. Yokawa, K. and S. Clarke
04 Standardizations of CPUE of striped marlin caught by Japanese coastal longliners in the northwest Pacific. Yokawa, K.
05 Striped marlin CPUE standardization of Japanese longline fishery in North Pacific Ocean using a statistical habitat model. Kanaiwa, M., Y. Takeuchi,
H. Saito, H. Shono
and K. Yokawa
06 Preliminary analysis for area stratification and CPUE standardization of striped marlin caught by Japaense longline fishery in the North Pacific using tree regression models (TRM). Shono, H., K. Yokawa,
S. Clarke, Y. Takeuchi
M. Kanaiwa and H. Saito
07 Mexican progress report on the striped marlin sport fishery. Fleischer, L.
08 Development of an informative prior for 'r' the intrinic rate of population increase, for striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax). Clarke, S.