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21-24 March 2023 Shinagawa, Japan
Report of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • Update on Korean fisheries information of Pacific bluefin tuna and size distribution by Korean offshore large purse seine fishery
  • Park H. W., H. Lee, S. I. Lee


  • CPUE standardization for Taiwanese PBF fisheries using delta-GLMM and VAST, incorporating SST and size data
  • Yuan T.-L., S.-K. Chang, Y. Chang


  • Recruitment abundance index of immature Pacific bluefin tuna, derived from real-time monitoring survey data of troll fisheries
  • Fujioka K., S. Asai, Y. Tsukahara, H. Fukuda and S. Nakatsuka


  • CPUE standardization of Pacific bluefin tuna from Korean offshore large purse seine fishery
  • Park H. W., H. Lee, S. I. Lee


  • Annual indices of Pacific bluefin tuna larvae standardized by the Vector Autoregressive Spatio-Temporal model based on 2011 to 2021 larval survey
  • Tawa A., Y. Tsukahara, H. Tanaka, T. Ishihara, H. Ashida, Y. Tanaka


  • Length and Weight Data Analyses for Commercially Landed Pacific Bluefin Tuna in the U.S. West Coast EEZ
  • Lee H.-H., H. Dewar, K. James, M. Horeczko, and Y. Gu


  • Alternative input data bin format of length-composition from Japanese longline fishery for robust estimation of its selectivity
  • Asai S., Y. Tsukahara and H. Fukuda


  • Withdrawn


  • Evaluating productivity parameter uncertainty using the age-structured production model diagnostic with recruitment
  • Lee H.-H., D. Tommasi, H. Fukuda, K. Piner


  • Estimation of confidence intervals for the von Bertalanffy growth function parameters using the bootstrap method with a data set of direct age estimates from otoliths
  • Ishihara T., H. Tanaka, H. Fukuda, A. Tawa, H. Ashida, Y. Tanaka


  • Cause of the high fluctuation of SSB in base case OM
  • Nishikawa K., N. Takahashi, H. Fukuda


  • Calculation of Fishery Impact Performance Metric for the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Management Strategy Evaluation
  • Tommasi D., H.-H. Lee, K. Piner


  • Considerations of the Use of SS3 ASPM-R as an Estimation Model in PBF MSE
  • Takahashi N., Y. Tsukahara, H. Fukuda


  • Performance of Candidate Model-based Harvest Control Rules for Pacific Bluefin Tuna
  • Tommasi D., H.-H. Lee, K. Piner