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29 February-11 March 2016 La Jolla, USA
Report of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • Japanese coastal longline CPUE for Pacific bluefin tuna: Re-update up to 2014 fishing year for stock assessment.
  • Sakai, O., Y. Hiraoka and K. Oshima


  • Update of Standardized PBF CPUE Series for Taiwanese Longline Fishery.
  • Chang, S.-K. and H.-I Liu


  • Input data of Pacific bluefin tuna fisheries for stock assessment model, Stock Synthesis 3; Update for 2016 assessment.
  • Sakai, O., S. Nakatsuka, Y. Ishida, K. Oshima and H. Fukuda


  • Configurations of selectivity curve: learned from Japanese set net fleet.
  • Iwata, S. and H. Fukuda


  • Update of a projection software to represent a stock-recruitment relationship using flexible assumptions.
  • Akita, T., I. Tsuruoka and H. Fukuda


  • Development of a Pacific Bluefin Stock Assessment.
  • Lee, H.-H., K. Piner, M. Maunder and A. Aires-da-Silva


  • Preliminary Population Dynamics Model for the 2016 Stock Assessment of Pacific Bluefin Tuna.
  • Fukuda, H., O. Sakai, T. Akita, I. Tsuruoka, Y. Tei, S. Iwata and K. Oshima