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3-4, 13 November 2020 Webinar
Report of the Billfish Working Group Workshop - Biological

Working Group Working Papers


  • Length-Based Proportional Sampling for Life History Research: Establishing Uniform Sampling for North Pacific Billfish Species.
  • Kinney M. J., Y.-J. Chang, H. Ijima, M. Kanaiwa, E. Schemmel and J. O’Malley


  • Examination of Histological Methods from Frozen Gonad Samples of the Billfishes.
  • Kurashima, A., H. Ijima, Y. Shibasaki and N. Mano


  • Estimation of the two-stanza growth curves with ageing uncertainty for the Pacific blue marlin (Makaira nigricans).
  • Chang, Y.-J. T. Shimose, M. Kanaiwa, X.-B. Chang, T. Masubuchi, A. Yamamoto and M. Kanaiwa