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30 January-3 February 2020 Taipei, Chinese-Taipei
Report of the Billfish Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • Collaborative biological sampling of highly migratory species.
  • Kinney, M. J. and J. O’Malley


  • Review of horizontal migration of swordfish, striped marlin and blue marlin using electrical tags.
  • Kurashima, A., H. Ijima and Y. Semba


  • The development of guideline of sex-identification based on the macro-characters of gonads of swordfish.
  • Kurashima, A., H. Ijima and Y. Semba


  • Preliminary result of horizontal and vertical movements of swordfish in the North-west Pacific; A note of swimming behavior of single swordfish.
  • Kurashima, A., Y. Fujinami, H. Ijima and Y. Semba


  • Review and working plan of re-estimation for growth curve of swordfish and striped marlin in North-West Pacific Ocean.
  • Kanaiwa M., Y. Sato, H. Ijima, A. Kurashima, T. Shimose and M. Kanaiwa


  • On the Probable Distribution of Stock-Recruitment Steepness for Western and Central North Pacific Swordfish.
  • Brodziak J.


  • Which recruitment scenario is most likely for conducting future stock projections of Western and Central North Pacific Ocean striped marlin?
  • Brodziak J., and M. Sculley


  • Blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) catch and size data of Taiwanese fisheries in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Liu H.-I, R.-F. Wu, Y.-J. Chang and S.-J. Wang


  • Movement patterns and habitat preferences of five species of billfish in northwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • Chiang W.-C., M. K. Musyl, H.-C. Lin, Y.-S. Ho, C.-L. Sun, G. DiNardo and J.-R. Chen


  • Movements of swordfish (Xiphias gladius) in the northeastern Pacific Ocean as determined by electronic tags (2002-2019).
  • Griffiths S., C. Sepulveda and S. Aalbers


  • Considering age uncertainty and two stanzas of growth for the Pacific blue marlin (Makaira nigricans).
  • Chang Y.-J., X.-B. Chang, J. Hsu, W.-C. Chiang, and C.-L. Sun.