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12-13 July 2010 Victoria, Canada
Report of the Billfish Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • Biological reference point table.
  • Piner, K. and K. Yokawa


  • Age-based analyses of potential biological reference points for the Western and Central North Pacific swordfish (Xiphias gladius) stock.
  • Brodziak, J. and D. Courtney


  • Production model analyses of maximum sustainable yield-based reference points for the North Pacific swordfish stocks.
  • Brodziak, J. and G. Ishimura


  • Preliminary analysis of area boundary to standardize CPUE of striped marlin in North Pacific Ocean.
  • Kanaiwa, M. and K. Yokawa


  • The U.S. longline fishery for striped marlin in the North Pacific Ocean.
  • Ito, R. and K. Sender


  • Available data of striped marlin and swordfish by the Japanese fishery in the North Pacific.
  • Kimoto, A. and K. Yokawa