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19-26 May 2009 Busan, Korea
Report of the Billfish Working Group Workshop

Working Group Working Papers


  • Input data for a North Pacific swordfish stock assessment using Bayesian Production Models.
  • Courtney, D. and L. Wagatsuma


  • Development of Bayesian surplus production models for assessing the North Pacific swordfish population.
  • Brodziak, J. and G. Ishimura


  • Model-averaging to account prior uncertainty in swordfish intrinsic growth rate and carrying capacity.
  • Ishimura, G. and J. Brodziak


  • Input data for a North Pacific swordfish stock assessment using Stock Synthesis.
  • Courtney, D. and E. Fletcher


  • Preliminary Stock Synthesis Model Sensitivity Runs for a North Pacific swordfish (Xiphias gladius) stock assessment.
  • Courtney, D. and K. Piner


  • Size composition of the California Driftnet Fishery, 1981-Present.
  • Piner, K.


  • Input Data of Japanese Catch Amount of a North Pacific Swordfish Stock Assessment.
  • Kimoto, A. and K. Yokawa


  • Size conversions for striped marlin.
  • Klett, A. and L. Fleischer


  • CPUE time series from the California Driftnet Fishery, 1985-Present.
  • Piner, K. and A. Betcher


  • Characteristics of spatial variations in the catch of billfish in the Pacific Ocean and factors affecting annual changes in the catch.
  • Yoo, J.-T., D.-H. An, D.-Y. Moon, S.-J. Hwang, H.-S. Jo and D.-S. Chang


  • Analysis of the operation pattern and catch-rates of blue marlin for the Japanese and Taiwanese longline fisheries in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Su, N.-J., C.-L. Sun, K. Yokawa, G. DiNardo, M. Kanaiwa and S. Yeh


  • The evaluation of removing hook adjacent to floats for catch amount.
  • Kanaiwa, M., K. Bigelow and K. Yokawa


  • Stock assessment of swordfish, Xiphias gladius, in the North Pacific Ocean using an age-structured population dynamic model.
  • Sun, C.-L., N.-J. Su and S.-Z.Yeh