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January 2004 Honolulu, USA

Working Group Working Papers


  • Size composition and sex ratio for Pacific blue marlin, Makaira mazara, and striped marlin, Tetrapturus audax, caught by Japanese longliners in the Pacific.
  • Saitoh, H. and K. Yokawa


  • Standardizations of CPUE of striped marlin caught by Japanese offshore and distant water longliners in the northwest and central Pacific.
  • Yokawa, K.


  • Analysis of blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) catch rates in the Hawaii-based longline fishery with a generalized additive model and commercial sales data.
  • Walsh, W.


  • Billfish angler catch rates and movements.
  • Holts, D. (Presented by S. Kohin)


  • Summary of stock structure hypotheses advanced for marlins in the Pacific.
  • Hinton, M.