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17-24 March 2017 La Jolla, USA

Working Group Working Papers

Index Title, Authors and Contact
ISC/17/SHARKWG-1/01 Size And Sex of the Blue Sharks Caught by the Mexican Longline Industrial Fleets Recorded by on board Observers in the Pacific 2006-2015
Castillo-Géniz, J.L., C.J. Godinez-Padilla, L.V. González-Ania,
H. Haro-Avalos, L.F. Mondragón-Sánchez and J. Tovar-Ávila
ISC/17/SHARKWG-1/02 Stock recruitment relationships of the North Pacific blue shark
Kai, M., and Y. Fujinami (
ISC/17/SHARKWG-1/03 Brief summary of biological parameters for the stock assessment of blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the North Pacific
Yokoi, H., Y. Fujinami and Y. Semba (
ISC/17/SHARKWG-1/04 Stock assessment for the north Pacific Blue shark (Prionace glauca) using Bayesian State-space Surplus Production Model
Kai, M., F. Carvalho, H. Yokoi, M. Kanaiwa, N. Takahashi, J. Brodziak,
T. Sippel and S. Kohin (
ISC/16/SHARKWG-1/05 Stock Assessment of Blue Shark in the North Pacific Ocean Using Stock Synthesis
Carvalho, F., M. Kai, T. Sippel and K. Piner (
ISC/17/SHARKWG-1/06 Fishery data and catch estimation of blue shark by Korean tuna longline fishery in the North Pacific Ocean
Kwon, Y., D.N. Kim, S.I. Lee, H.J. Cho, J.E. Ku and M.K. Lee

Information Papers

Index Title, Authors and Contact
Comments from the Mexican delegation in relation with the decreasing trend of the blue shark CPUE abundance index in recent years 2014-2015
Castillo-Géniz, J.L., B.H. de la Torre, L.V. González-Ania,
C.J. Godínez-Padilla, J. Tovar-Ávila, L.F. Mondragón-Sánchez
and L. Martínez-Fuentes (