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9-17 March 2015 Shizuoka, Japan

Working Group Report

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Working Group Working Papers

Index Title, Authors and Contact
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/01 Size and standardized CPUE of two pelagic sharks in the North Pacific based on salmon driftnet surveys.
Ohshimo, S., K. Shiozaki and K. Yokawa (
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/02 CPUE and catch of shortfin mako caught by Japanese shallow-set longliner in the western North Pacific.
Kai, M., K. Shiozaki, S. Ohshimo, K. Yokawa, N. Takahashi and M. Kanaiwa
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/03 Use of Geostatistical modelling for CPUE of Japanese shallow-set longline for Shortfin mako shark.
Kai, M., K. Piner and M.N. Maunder (
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/04 Spatial and temporal patterns of shortfin mako shark size and sex in the North Pacific Ocean.
Sippel, T., S. Ohshimo, K. Yokawa, M. Kai, F. Carvalho, K.-M. Liu, J.L. Castillo-Geniz and S. Kohin (
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/05 Genetic stock structure of shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) in the Pacific Ocean.
Taguchi, M., S. Ohshimo and K. Yokawa (
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/06 Simulation testing of stock indicators.
Lee, H.-H., F. Carvalho and K.R. Piner (
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/07 Revised standardized catch rates and catch estimate of shortfin mako shark by Taiwanese large-scale tuna longline fishery in the North Pacific Ocean.
Tsai, W.-P. and K.-M. Liu (
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/08 Estimation of productivity of blue shark and shortfin mako under the different biological parameters based on the matrix model.
Yokoi, H., S. Ohshimo and K. Yokawa (

Information Papers

Index Title, Authors and Contact
Assessing the potential biases of ignoring sexual dimorphism and mating mechanism in using a single-sex demographic model: the shortfin mako shark as a case study.
Tsai, W.-P., K.-M. Liu,A.E. Punt and C.-L. Sun (
Indicator based analysis of the status of New Zealand blue, mako and porbeagle sharks.
Francis, M.P., S.C. Clarke, L.H. Griggs and S.D. Hoyle
Stock status indicators for silky sharks in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
Aires-da-Silva, A., C. Lennert-Cody, M.N. Maunder and M. Román-Verdesoto
Satellite Tagging and Cardiac Physiology Reveal Niche Expansion in Salmon Sharks.
Weng, K.C., P.C. Castilho, J.M. Morrissette, A.M. Landeira-Fernandez,
D.B. Holts, R.J. Schallert, K.J. Goldman and B.A. Block
Using pop-up satellite archival tags to inform selectivity in fisheries stock assessment models: a case study for the blue shark in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Carvalho, F., R. Ahrens, D. Murie, K. Bigelow, A. Aires-da-Silva,
M.N. Maunder and F. Hazin
Using movement data from electronic tags in fisheries stock assessment: A review of models, technology and experimental design.
Sippel, T., J.P. Eveson, B. Galuardi, C. Lam, S. Hoyle, M. Maunder,
P. Kleiber, F. Carvalho, V. Tsontos, S.L.H. Teo, A. Aires-da-Silva
and S. Nicol