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9-17 March 2015 Shizuoka, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
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ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/01 Size and standardized CPUE of two pelagic sharks in the North Pacific based on salmon driftnet surveys.
Ohshimo, S., K. Shiozaki, and K. Yokawa.   (oshimo_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/02 CPUE and catch of shortfin mako caught by Japanese shallow-set longliner in the western North Pacific.
Kai, M., K. Shiozaki, S. Ohshimo, K. Yokawa, N. Takahashi, and M. Kanaiwa.   (kaim_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/03 Use of Geostatistical modelling for CPUE of Japanese shallow-set longline for Shortfin mako shark.
Kai, M., K. Piner, and M.N. Maunder.   (kaim_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/04 Spatial and temporal patterns of shortfin mako shark size and sex in the North Pacific Ocean.
Sippel, T., S. Ohshimo, K. Yokawa, M. Kai, F. Carvalho, K.-M. Liu, J.L. Castillo-Geniz, and S. Kohin.   (tim.sippel_at_noaa.gov)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/05 Genetic stock structure of shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) in the Pacific Ocean.
Taguchi, M., S. Ohshimo, and K. Yokawa.   (tagu305_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/06 Simulation testing of stock indicators.
Lee, H.-H., F. Carvalho, and K.R. Piner.   (huihua.lee_at_noaa.gov)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/07 Revised standardized catch rates and catch estimate of shortfin mako shark by Taiwanese large-scale tuna longline fishery in the North Pacific Ocean.
Tsai, W.-P. and K.-M. Liu.   (kmliu_at_mail.ntou.edu.tw)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/08 Estimation of productivity of blue shark and shortfin mako under the different biological parameters based on the matrix model.
Yokoi, H., S. Ohshimo, and K. Yokawa.   (yokoih_at_fra.affrc.go.jp)

Information Papers
Index Title, Authors and Contact
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/INFO-01 Assessing the potential biases of ignoring sexual dimorphism and mating mechanism in using a single-sex demographic model: the shortfin mako shark as a case study.
Tsai, W.-P., K.-M. Liu, A.E. Punt, and C.-L. Sun.   (chilu_at_ntu.edu.tw)
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/INFO-02 Indicator based analysis of the status of New Zealand blue, mako and porbeagle sharks.
Francis, M.P., S.C. Clarke, L.H. Griggs, and S.D. Hoyle.
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/INFO-03 Stock status indicators for silky sharks in the eastern Pacific Ocean.
Aires-da-Silva, A., C. Lennert-Cody, M.N. Maunder, and M. Román-Verdesoto.
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/INFO-04 Satellite Tagging and Cardiac Physiology Reveal Niche Expansion in Salmon Sharks.
Weng, K.C., P.C. Castilho, J.M. Morrissette, A.M. Landeira-Fernandez, D.B. Holts, R.J. Schallert, K.J. Goldman, and B.A. Block.
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/INFO-05 Using pop-up satellite archival tags to inform selectivity in fisheries stock assessment models: a case study for the blue shark in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Carvalho, F., R. Ahrens, D. Murie, K. Bigelow, A. Aires-da-Silva, M.N. Maunder, and F. Hazin.
ISC/15/SHARKWG-1/INFO-06 Using movement data from electronic tags in fisheries stock assessment: A review of models, technology and experimental design.
Sippel, T., J.P. Eveson, B. Galuardi, C. Lam, S. Hoyle, M. Maunder, P. Kleiber, F. Carvalho, V. Tsontos, S.L.H. Teo, A. Aires-da-Silva, and S. Nicol.