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ISC Schedule of Meetings


15-20 February 2017 Shizuoka, Japan

Working Group Working Papers

Index Title, Authors and Contact
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/01 Japanese coastal longline CPUE and Catch at length for Pacific bluefin tuna: Update upto 2015 fishing year.
Sakai, O. and Y. Tsukahara (
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/02 Standardized PBF CPUE Series for Taiwanese Longline Fishery.
Chang, S.-K. and H.-I Liu (
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/03 Updated standardized CPUE for 0-age Pacific Bluefin tuna caught by Japanese troll fisheries: Updated up to 2015 fishing year.
Fukuda, Y. and O. Sakai (
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/04 Geographical characteristics of CPUE for Pacific Bluefin Tuna caught by Japanese coastal longliners.
Tsukahara, Y. and O. Sakai (
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/05 The need for spatial-temporal modeling of catch-per-unit-effort data when used to derived indices of relative abundance to include in stock assessment models.
Maunder, M.N., J.T. Thorson, H.H. Lee, M. Kai, S.K. Chang, T. Kitakado, C.M. Albertsen and K.R. Piner (
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/06 Future projections of Pacific bluefin tuna requested from Northern committee.
Akita, T., H. Fukuda and S. Nakatsuka (

Infomation Papers

Index Title, Authors and Contact
ISC/17/PBFWG-1/IP Projections based on the 2016 Pacific Bluefin tuna assessment.
Rice, J. (

Oral Presentations

Index Title, Authors and Contact
Real-time troll monitoring CPUE for 2016 recruitment.
Sakai, O., Y. Tei and N. Suzuki (
Mexican fisheries from 2009 to 2016.
Dreyfus, M. (
Other information from Japan.
Fukuda, H. and Y. Akatsuka (
Summary of the 2016 stock assessment.
Fukuda, H. (
Relationship between large PBF catch and oceanographic condition in Korean water.
Kim, D. N. (
Horizontal distribution and habitat of Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis (Temminck & Schlegel, 1844) larvae in the waters around Japan.
Ohshimo, S., A. Tawa, T. Ota, S. Nishimoto, T. Ishihara, M. Watai,
K. Satoh,T. Tanabe and O. Abe (
Evidence of westward transoceanic migration of Pacific bluefin tuna in the Sea of Japan based on stable isotope analysis.
Tawa, A., T. Ishihara, Y. Uematsu, T. Ono and S. Ohshimo
Preliminarily estimation of catch composition from two natal origins based on catch at length data of age-0 fish caught in 2008-2014.
Hiraoka, Y. (
Energy budget model.
Ijima, H. (
Progress in the Japanese Close-Kin project in 2016.
Suzuki, N. (