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6-13 January 2011 Shimizu, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Exploration of a hybrid stock synthesis-VPA model of Pacific bluefin tuna to distinguish between trends in recruitment and changes in fishing intensity on young fish.
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MacCall, A. and S. Teo
02 Updated estimates of natural mortality rate of age 0 Pacific bluefin tuna by using conventional tagging data. Iwata, S., M. Ichinokawa
and Y. Takeuchi
03 Withdrawn
04 Estimation of length distribution for landing data of Pacific bluefin tuna in Sakai-minato port. Kanaiwa, M., A. Shibano
and Y. Takeuchi
05 Estimation of the length and age compositions of Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese set-net fishery. Kai, M.
06 Introduction of a spatially-structured model of Pacific bluefin tuna. Piner, K., H.-H. Lee,
I. Taylor, A. Aires-da-Silva
and S. Teo
07 Approaches for estimation of catch at age of young Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese small purse seine fisheries. Oshima, K. and Y. Takeuchi
08 Natural mortality of adult Pacific bluefin tuna estimated with Pauly's equation and its confidence intervals. Oshima, K.
09 Preliminary analysis of length frequency and amount of catch data for Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) landed by Tuna Purse Seine fleet (Fleet 3) in different sea area. Abe, M. and Y. Takeuchi
10 Sensitivity of estimated spawning biomass to natural mortality assumptions in Pacific bluefin tuna assessments. Teo, S.
11 Estimation of the sex specific growth parameters for Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis. Shimose, T. and T. Tanabe
12 Annual change of abundance of the Pacific bluefin tuna larvae from 2007 to 2010 around the Ryukyu archipelago. Suzuki, N., W. Doi,
H. Ashida, T. Tanabe
and Y. Aonuma
13 Re-consideration of assumptions applied to Japanese longline fishery in the stock assessment of Pacific bluefin tuna. Ichinokawa, M.
14 Evaluation of uncertainties in terminal year's parameters estimated from SS in the Pacific bluefin tuna assessment. Ichinokawa, M.
15 Update of Pacific bluefin tuna catch in Korea waters. Yoo, J.-T., Z. G. Kim,
K. Choi, S. Kang,
J. B. Lee, S. IL Lee,
D.-N. Kim , K.-J. Seok,
D.-Y. Moon and D.-W. Lee
Oral only
No. Title Authors and Contact
Updated estimates of natural mortality and seasonal movement rates from a spatially-structured mark-recapture model for PBFT. Whitlock, R.
Mark-recapture experiments of Juvenile Pacific Bluefin Tuna in Tosa Bay. Niiya, Y., S. Iwata
and K. Oshima
Evaluation of spawning history of fish from ovarian histology. Shimizu, A.
Review of the Pacific bluefin tuna necropsy reports dating from 1998 through 2010 from the Tuna Research and Conservation Center and Monterey Bay Aquarium. Farwell, C.
Skip spawning and spawning frequency of Pacific bluefin tuna around Japan. Tanaka, S.
Summary of EPO data. Aires-da-Silva, A.
Hockey Stick SRR in SS. MacCall, A. and Y. Takeuchi