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6-9 July 2010 Nanaimo, Canada
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Stock assessment of Pacific bluefin tuna with updated fishery data until 2007. Ichinokawa, M., M. Kai
and Y. Takeuchi
02 Updated biological reference points (BRPs) for Pacific Bluefin tuna and the effect of uncertainties on the BRPs. Kai, M., M. Ichinokawa
and Y. Takeuchi
03 Applicability of Floss for Pacific bluefin tuna as a limit reference point (LRP). Kai, M., M. Ichinokawa
and Y. Takeuchi
04 Simulation based reference points of Fssb applied to the Pacific bluefin tuna stock. Ichinokawa, M. and K. Oshima
05 Estimating fishing mortality rates and evaluating the plausibility of assumptions about M for Pacific bluefin tuna using electronic tagging data. Whitlock, R. and B. Block
06 Japanese catch updates for Pacific bluefin tuna. Oshima, K. and Y. Takeuchi
07 Withdrawn
08 The result of practice based on the recommendations by simulation study using effective sample size. Shibano, A., M. Kanaiwa,
Y. Ishihara, R. Uji,
T. Shimura and Y. Takeuchi
09 The update of input data of stock assessment of Pacific Bluefin Tuna for Stock Synthesis III. Abe, M., K. Oshima,
M. Kai, M. Ichinokawa,
C.-C. Hsu, A. Aires-da-Silva,
I. Yamazaki and Y. Takeuchi
10 Research activities for reproductive biology and recruitment monitoring of Pacific bluefin tuna by NRIFSF, Fisheries Research Agency of Japan. Yamasaki, I., W. Doi,
K. Ohshima and T. Tanabe
11 Size composition of BFT in 2008. Data collected from farms from Baja California. Dreyfus, M.
12 Recent variations in the catch of Pacific bluefin tuna by Korean domestic purse seiners. Yoo, J.-T., Z.- G. Kim,
J.- B. Lee, S.-J. Hwang,
J.-B. Kim, D.-N. Kim,
K.-J. Seok and D.-W. Lee
Oral only
No. Title Authors and Contact
Fundamental limitations of stock-recruitment models. MacCall, A.
Integrating movement dynamics into the assessment of pelagic fish stocks: lessons from Atlantic bluefin tuna. Taylor, N.