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10-17 December 2008 Ishigaki, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 The estimate of unfished bluefin spawning stock biomass: the result of density-dependent processes? K. Piner and H.-H. Lee
02 Simulation of the estimation of M as a Model mis-specification diagnostic. K. Piner, H.-H. Lee,
M. Maunder and
A. Aires-da-Silva
03 Estimation of population size for Pacific bluefin tuna using Bayesian production models. H.-H. Lee, K. Piner,
C.-C. Hsu and R. Conser
04 An evaluation of the natural mortality schedule assumed in the PBF 2008 stock assessment and proposed changes. A. Aires-da-Silva, M. Maunder,
R. Deriso, K. Piner
and H.-H. Lee
05 Preliminary analysis of the stock abundance indices for Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis) landed by Japanese purse seiners in Sakai-Minato. M. Kanaiwa, A. Shibano,
T. Shimura, R. Uji
and Y. Takeuchi
06 Assessing the precision of length-frequency estimates with consideration of finite population sampling by using landing data in Sakai-Minato Port. A. Shibano, M. Kanaiwa,
R. Uji, T. Shimura,
K. Yokawa and Y. Takeuchi
07 Estimation of catch at size for Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese troll and set net fisheries: current problems and future perspectives. M. Ichinokawa
08 Review of the current problems and future perspectives on length frequency data for Pacific bluefin tuna. M. Ichinokawa and Y. Takeuchi
09 A review of the age, growth, and reproductive biology of Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalis, with a possible hypothesis for further research activities. T. Tanabe, T. Shimose,
M. Ichinokawa and Y. Takeuchi
10 Basic information to review the PBF catch before 1952: Descriptions of statistical information sources and development of fishing areas. F. Muto, Y. Takeuchi
and K. Yokawa
11 Review of PBF catch before 1952. Catches and Catchabilities. F. Muto, Y. Takeuchi
and K. Yokawa
12 Preliminary analysis on length data from intensive size sampling of Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese troll fisheries. K. Oshima, M. Ichinokawa,
K. Yokawa and Y. Takeuchi
13 Annual report of the maturity status of the bluefin tuna landed in the Ishigaki Island (2008). Y. Aonuma, N. Suzuki,
T. Tanabe and H. Ashida
14 Annual change of abundance and mitochondrial variability in the Pacific bluefin tuna larvae around the Ryukyu archipelago. N. Suzuki, H. Ashida,
T. Tanabe and Y. Aonuma
15 Effect of physical impact on Pacific bluefin tuna larvae on the basis of rearing experiments. Y. Katoh
16 Evaluating the utility of Stock Synthesis Version 3 for Pacific bluefin tuna stock assessment. Y. Takeuchi
17 Catch and distribution of Pacific bluefin tuna, Thunnus orientalis, around the Tsugaru Strait. M. Abe and I. Yamazaki
18 Preliminary results of horizontal and vertical distributions of patches of Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. K. Satoh
19 Optimum oceanic environment for spawning ground of Pacific bluefin tuna. M. Masujima
20 Estimating potential habitat of young Pacific bluefin tuna in the North Pacific. K. Segawa