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30 November-1 December 2000 Shizuoka, Japan
Working Group Report
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No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Catch at age of Pacific bluefin tuna in the EPO by surface gear. P. Tomlinson, and J. Suter
02 Incidental catch of juvenile northern bluefin tuna in waters off Korea. J.-B. Kim, D.-Y. Moon, and K.-S. Hwang
03 Japanese bluefin tuna fisheries in the North Pacific. H. Yamada, and M. Takahashi
04 Mexican eastern Pacific purse-seine fishery: bluefin tuna catch statistics. J. G. Vaca R., and G. Compean J.
05 Preliminary estimation of natural mortality of juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis using tag-recapture data. M. Takahashi
06 Preliminary stock assessment of Pacific bluefin tuna, using a tuning VPA. H. Yamada, Y. Takeuchi, M. Takahashi, and H. Shono
07 Relationships between recruit of Pacific bluefin tuna and some preliminary physical properties. K. Uehara, M. Takahashi, M. Okazaki, T. Kameda, and D. Inagake
08 Standardization of Pacific bluefin tuna CPUE caught by Japanese distant-water and offshore longliners in the spawning ground. K. Yokawa
09 The fishing of bluefin-tuna on landing at Aburatsu. T. Mizuno
10 The round trip migration of bluefin tuna cross the Pacific Ocean recorded by an archival tag. H. Yamada, M. Takahashi, and D. Inagake
11 Decision making for "Integrated" assessment. G. Watters
12 U.S. commercial catches (metric tons) of bluefin tuna caught in the North Pacific Ocean. G. Sakagawa
WP/01 Comparison of abundance index of bluefin tuna ~for the input of VPA~. K. Yokawa
WP/02 Yield per recruitment and spawner per recruitment analysis for Pacific bluefin. Y. Uozumi