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ISC Schedule of Meetings

ISC5 Plenary Report and Documents

28-30 March 2005 Tokyo, Japan

Plenary Report

ISC5 Plenary Report Preview Download PDFDownload


Index Document
Annex 1 Fishery Status Report 2 —Tuna and Billfisheries in the eastern Pacific Ocean in 2003— (2004 La Jolla, USA) Download PDF
Annex 2 17th Meeting of the Standing Committee on Tuna and Billfish (August 2004) Download PDF
Annex 3 Report of the Third Meeting of the Scientific Coordinating Group (December 2004) Download PDF

Working Papers

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ISC/05/Plenary/01 The 2004 Canadian North Pacific Albacore Troll Fishery Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/02 Mexican Progress Report to the 5 ISC Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/03 National report of Japan Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/04 Korean National Reports to 5th ISC Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/05 U.S. National Report to the 5th ISC Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/06 U.S. Swordfish fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/07 Preliminary Research Concerning Biological Reference Points Associated with North Pacific Albacore Population Dynamics and Fisheries Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/08 Draft Memorandum of Understanding Between The Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean and The ISC Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/09 Recent Status of Taiwanese Tuna Fisheries in the North Pacific Region for 2003 Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/10 Work Plan for the Pacific Bluefin Working Group Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/11 China National Report for the 5th Meeting of ISC Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/12 2005 Work Plan for ISC Marlin Working Group Discussion Paper Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/13 Will be posted
ISC/05/Plenary/14 19th North Pacific Albacore Workshop: Stock Assessment Conclusions Download PDF
ISC/05/Plenary/15 Report of the Statistics Working Group of the 5th ISC Download PDF

Informational Documents

Index Document
ISC/05/Plenary/INF/01 ISC Assumption of North Pacific Albacore Workshop