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2-9 April 2012 Shanghai, China
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Future projections of Western and Central Pacific striped marlin. H.-H. Lee, K. Piner, and I. Taylor
02 Blue marlin catches in the North and South Pacific from WCPFC data. D. Tagami and W. Walsh
03 A long-term nominal catch history for blue marlin in Hawaiian waters. W. Walsh and D.Tagami
04 A review of Taiwan's blue marlin fisheries in the Pacific Ocean, 1958-2010. C.-L. Sun, N.-J. Su, S.-Z. Yeh, and Y.-J. Chang
05 Standardized catch-rates of blue marlin for Taiwanese distant-water longline fishery in the Pacific Ocena for 1964-2010. C.-L. Sun, N.-J. Su, S.-Z. Yeh, and Y.-J. Chang
06 A review of life history parameters for the Pacific blue marlin. C.-L. Sun, Y.-J. Chang, S.-Z. Yeh, and N.-J. Su
07 Meta-analysis of post-release mortality in striped (Kajikia audax) and blue marlin (Makaira nigricans) using pop-up satellite archival tags. Musyl et al.
08 Overview of the Japanese fisheries for blue marlin in the Pacific Ocean. A. Kimoto and K. Yokawa
09 Review of size data for blue marlin caught by Japanese fisheries in the Pacific Ocean since 1970s. A. Kimoto and K. Yokawa
Oral only
Age determination and growth of blue marlin. T. Shimose, K. Yokawa, and K. Tachihara
Sexual difference in the migration pattern of blue marlin related to spawning and feeding activities in the North Pacific Ocean. T. Shimose, K. Yokawa, H. Saito, and K. Tachihara