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30 November-4 December 2009 Honolulu, USA

Working Group Report

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Working Group Working Papers

No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Relationships between the hydrographic structure of the warm corering and the longline catch of tuna and marlins, inferred from Fall 2009 Shoyo-maru. Yokawa, K. and A. Takano
02 The analysis of stock structure for striped marlin in the North Pacific Ocean. Kanaiwa, M. and K. Yokawa
03 Preliminary analysis on possible stock boundary of striped marlin in the north Pacific using fisheries data of Japanese longliners. Ichinokawa, M. and K. Yokawa
04 Excerpts from dissertation. Genetic analysis of population structure in striped marlin, Tetrapturus audax, in the Pacific Ocean. Purcell, C.
05 Does extending days of searching fishing grounds and fishing operation add catch? Preliminary observations from the operations of Japanese coastal longline fisheries. Ishimura, G., K. Ito
and K. Yokawa
06 Overview of the skipper's note of Japanese surface longliners based in Kesennuma in the period between 2004 and 2009. Kimoto, A. and K. Yokawa
07 Preliminary Age Structured Stock Assessment of North Pacific Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) with Stock Synthesis under a Two Stock Scenario. Courtney, D. and K. Piner
08 Age structured stock assessment of North Pacific swordfish (Xiphias gladius) with Stock Synthesis under a single stock scenario. Courtney, D. and K. Piner
09 Stock structure of striped marlin, Kajikia audax, based on fishery information from Taiwanese longline fisheries in the Pacific Ocean. Sun, C.-L., N.-J. Su
and S.-Z. Yeh