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November 2008 Honolulu, USA
Billfish Working Group Special Session
Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Ranges of stocks of striped marlin in the Pacific Ocean: How well can they be known? M. Hinton
02 Preliminary results of estimated and observed habitat preferences for Striped Marlin by using Japanese training vessels. M. Kanaiwa, K. Yokawa, K. Bigelow
03 A bit more on swordfish stocks in the Pacific Ocean. M. Hinton
04 Stock boundary between possible swordfish stocks in the northwest and southeast Pacific judged from fisheries data of Japanese longliners. M. Ichinokawa, J. Brodziak
05 Review and bibliography of recent swordfish stock assessment methods and available data for North Pacific Ocean. D. Courtney, G. Ishimura, L. Wagatsuma