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March 2006 La Jolla, USA
Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Report of the Marlin Working Group Meeting. Marlin Working Group. 2005.
02 U.S. commercial fisheries for marlins in the North Pacific Ocean. R. Ito and W. Walsh
03 National report of Japan. K. Uosaki
04 Biological research conducted by PIFSC during 2005-2006 in support of marlin and swordfish Stock Assessments. R. Humphreys, M. Musyl
and E. DeMartini
05 Preliminary application of a Bayesian surplus production model to striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax) in the North Pacific. S. Clarke and M. McAllister
06 Production model analysis of the North Pacific striped marlin using currently available data set in the ISC Marlin working group. K. Yokawa
07 Stock status of striped marlin in the North Pacific Ocean in 2005. K. Piner, R. Conser
and G. DiNardo
08 U.S. swordfish fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean. R. Ito and A. Coan