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January 1999 Honolulu, USA
Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
1.1 Brief description of Japanese swordfish fisheries and statistics in the Pacific Ocean. Takahashi, M. and K. Yokawa
1.2 Outlook on some tuna species caught by Taiwan tuna fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean and preliminary stock status from longline data. Chang, S.-K., S.-B. Wang,
C.-L. Sun and H.-C. Liu
1.3 U.S. swordfish fisheries of the North Pacific Ocean. Ito, Y. and A. Coan, Jr.
1.4 A review of Taiwan's swordfish fishery in the Pacific Ocean. Sun, C.-L., S.-Z. Yeh,
S.-P. Wang and S.-K. Chang
2.1 Standardized catch rate for swordfish caught by Japanese longliner in the North Pacific and the tentative trial of production model.
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Yokawa, K.
2.2 Very preliminary North Pacific swordfish assessment. Kleiber, P.
2.3 A simulation model used to evaluate assessment and managemnet procedures for the Pacific swordfish fishery. Labella, M.
3.1 Determination of age and growth of the swordfish Xiphias gladius L. in the waters of Taiwan using anal fin spines. Sun, C.-L., S.-P. Wang
and S.-Z Yeh
3.2 Biological research in support of swordfish stock assessment. Demartini, E. and C. Boggs
3.3 The oceanography of the subtropical frontal zone in the central North Pacific and its relevancy to the Hawaii-based swordfish fishery. Seki, M., J. Polovina,
D. Kobayashi and B. Mundy