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5-12 November 2013 Shizuoka, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Taiwanese albacore-targeting longline fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean, 1995-2011. C.Y. Chen and F.C. Cheng
02 Abundance indices of albacore tuna by Japanese longline shery in the north Pacic Ocean. H. Ijima, H. Kiyofuji, and H. Okamoto
03 Standardized CPUE for albacore caught by the Japanese pole and line shery in the northwestern North Pacic Ocean. H. Kiyofuji and H. Ijima
04 Vertical and horizontal changes of North Pacic albacore derived from archival tag data. H. Kiyofuji, S. Okamoto, and H. Ijima
05 Proposed Japanese fishery definition for albacore stock assessment in the North Pacific Ocean. K. Satoh, H. Kiyofuji, H. Ijima, and H. Okamoto
06 An update of the standardized abundance index of US and Canada albacore troll fisheries in the North Pacific (1966-2012). Y. Xu, S.L.H. Teo, and J. Holmes
07 Revised historical catch and CPUE of albacore tuna by Korean tuna longline fishery in the North Pacific Ocean. S.C. Yoon
USA longline fishery and abundance index. S. Teo and K. Piner
Stock-recruitment-environmental relationship for North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga). H. Kiyofuji