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4-11 June 2011 Shimizu, Japan
Stock Assessment report
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Report of the Albacore Tuna in the North Pacific Ocean Stock Assessment in 2011
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Mexican progress report on the albacore tuna fishery. L. Fleischer and M. Dreyfus
02 Age and growth of North Pacific albacore (Thunnus alalunga). D. Wells, S. Kohin, S. Teo, O. Snodgrass, and K. Uosaki
03 Withdrawn
04 Comparison of length compositions from Taiwan longline, Japan pole-and-line, and U.S. longline fisheries. S. Teo, C.-Y. Chen, and T. Matsumoto
05 Updated time series associated with albacore fisheries based in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. S. Teo
06 Estimation of alternative growth curve of north Pacific albacore based on Japanese pole-and-line size data and reported growth curves. T. Matsumoto
07 Recent aspects of Taiwanese Albacore-targeting longline fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean, 2011. R.-F. Wu, H.-I Liu, and C.-Y. Chen
08 Review of developing Japanese albacore fishery data to apply to stock synthesis model. T. Matsumoto and K. Uosaki
09 Withdrawn
10 The Canadian troll fishery for North Pacific albacore tuna in 2010. J. Holmes
11 Probable values of Stock‐Recruitment Steepness for North Pacific albacore tuna. J. Brodziak, H.-H. Lee, and M. Mangel
12 Preliminary North Pacific albacore population analysis using VPA-2BOX and future projection using PRO-2BOX for 1966-2009. H. Kiyofuji, S. Iwata, M. Kai, M. Ichinokawa, T. Matsumoto, K. Uosaki, and Y. Takeuchi
13 Review of Japanese albacore fisheries as of 2011. K. Uosaki, H. Kiyofuji, and T. Matsumoto
14 Future projection for the North Pacific albacore, based on stock assessment conducted in 2011. M. Ichinokawa et al.
15 Review of the U.S. albacore surface fishery in the North Pacific in 2010. J. Childers, S. Kohin, and A. Betcher
16 North Pacific albacore catches and number of vessels fishing for albacore in the north Pacific Ocean. J. Childers
17 Withdrawn
18 Calculation of the steepness for the North Pacific Albacore. S. Iwata, H. Sugimoto, and Y. Takeuchi
19 Fork length at 95th percentile of cumulative length frequency as an indicator of maximum length for albacore Thunnus alalunga in the Pacific Ocean prior to 1965. H. Ashida, M. Okada, and K. Uosaki
Info/01 Age and growth of albacore Thunnus alalunga in the North Pacific Ocean. K.-S. Chen, T. Shimose, T. Tanabe, C.-Y. Chen, and C.-C. Hsu