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12-13 July 2010 Victoria, Canada

Working Group Report

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Working Group Working Papers

No. Title Authors and Contact
01 A review of Japanese albacore fisheries in the North Pacific as of June 2010. Matsumoto, T. and K. Uosaki
02 Consideration of albacore fishery definition of Japanese "miscellaneous" fisheries for SS3 analyses. Matsumoto, T.
03 Abundance indices for albacore spawning stock biomass in the north Pacific caught by the Japanese longline fishery, 1966-2009. Matsumoto, T.
04 Standardization of north Pacific albacore CPUE by Japanese longline corresponding to newly defined fishery definition for SS3 analyses. Matsumoto, T.
05 Canadian Fishery Statistics for North Pacific Albacore from the 2009 Fishery. Holmes, J.
06 Standardized CPUE for albacore caught by the Japanese pole and line fisheries in the northwestern North Pacific. Kiyofuji, H. and K. Uosaki
07 Standardized CPUE trend and age composition of North Pacific albacore exploited by Taiwanese longline fisheries, 1995-2008. Chen, C.-Y., F.-C. Cheng,
and S.-Y. Yeh
Oral only
No. Title Authors and Contact
Summary of the 2009 U.S. albacore Troll and Pole-and-line fisheries. Childers, J.
Examination of the USA and Canada Troll fisheries CPUE indices and size frequency composition of the USA longline fisheries. Teo, S.