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20-26 April 2010 Shimizu, Japan

Working Group Report

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Working Group Working Papers

No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Use of a Biomass Production Model to estimate MSY for the North Pacific albacore tuna stock. Zhang, Z. and J. Holmes
02 Recent change in the operation of Japanese longline fishery in the northeast Pacific. Matsumoto, T.
03 Standardization of age aggregated and specific abundance indices for north Pacific albacore caught by the Japanese large and small longline fisheries, 1966-2008. Matsumoto, T.
04 Reexamination of arrangement and standardization of CPUE for Japanese longline fishery for applying SS3 to north Pacific albacore. Matsumoto, T.
05 Spatiotemporal characterization and critical time series of the US albacore troll fishery in the North Pacific. Teo, S., H.-H. Lee,
and S. Kohin
06 Spatiotemporal characterization and preliminary time series of the US albacore longline fishery in the North Pacific. Teo, S., H.-H. Lee,
and S. Kohin
07 Summary of the U.S. north Pacific albacore archival tagging program through 2009. Kohin, S., J. Childers,
and S. Synder
08 The Canadian North Pacific albacore troll fishery. Holmes, J. and Z. Zhang
09 Applicability of Floss for north Pacific albacore as a limit reference point (LRP). Kai, M.
10 Conceptual and technical characteristics of Fssb. Ichinokawa, M., M. Kai,
H. Kiyofuji, and Y. Takeuchi
11 Examining robustness of biological reference points to natural mortality. Kiyofuji, H., M. Kai,
M. Ichinokawa, S. Iwata,
K. Uosaki, and Y. Takeuchi