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28 November-5 December 2006 Shimizu, Japan

Working Group Report

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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 International Scientific Committee Albacore Working Group Data Base Catalog. Coan Jr., A.L.
02 Summary of the 2005 U.S. North and South Pacific Albacore Troll Fisheries. Childers, J. and S. Aalbers
03 North Pacific albacore catch in the U.S. longline fishery. Wetherall, J. and A. Coan
04 A review of Japanese albacore fisheries in the North Pacific. Uosaki, K. and Y. Nishikawa
05 The 2005 Canadian North Pacific albacore troll fishery. Stocker, M.
06 Update of catch-at-age of albacore caught by the Japanese fisheries in the North Pacific, 1966-2005. Watanabe, K. and K. Uosaki
07 Standardization of age specific abundance index for North Pacific albacore caught by the Japanese large and small longline fisheries, 1966-2005. Watanabe, K. and K. Uosaki
08 Age specific abundance index for albacore caught by the Japanese pole-and-line fishery, 1972-2005. Uosaki, K.
09 Critical evaluation of important time series associated with albacore fisheries (United States, Canada, and Mexico) of the eastern North Pacific Ocean. McDaniel, J., P. Crone,
and E. Dorval
10 Summary on archival tagging for North Pacific albacore, 2005-2006 Uosaki, K.
11 Considerations in extreme depletion of abundance indices for North Pacific albacore from the Japanese longline fishery observed in 2003-2004. Watanabe, K., K. Uosaki,
and Y. Takeuchi
12 Report of 2006 research cruise by R/V Shoyo-maru for albacore in the north-western Pacific. Saito, H., T. Tanabe,
S. Koyama, and K. Uosaki
13 Classification of horizontal habitats of North Pacific albacore to derive abundance index from considering temporal fluctuations in catch per unit effort and effort, and their geographic distributions. Watanabe, K. and K. Uosaki
14 Revised practical solutions of application issues of length-weight relationship for the North Pacific albacore with respect to the stock assessment. Watanabe, K., K. Uosaki,
T. Kokubo, P. Crone,
A. Coan, and C.-C. Hsu
15 Preliminary research concerning biological reference points associated with North Pacific albacore population dynamics and fisheries. Conser, R., P. Crone,
S. Kohin, K. Uosaki,
M. Ogura, and Y. Takeuchi
16 Summary report on software for North Pacific albacore stock assessment. Conser, R. and Y. Takeuchi
17 Biological reference points and stock projections for North Pacific albacore. Conser, R., P. Crone,
and Y. Takeuchi
18 Population analysis of North Pacific albacore based on a length-based, age-structured model: Stock Synthesis 2. Crone, P., K. Piner,
Y. Takeuchi, K. Uosaki,
R. Conser, E. Dorval,
K. Watanabe, and
J. McDaniel
19 Population analysis of North Pacific albacore based on an age-structured model: VPA-2BOX. Uosaki, K., E. Dorval,
K. Watanabe, P. Crone,
Y. Takeuchi, J. McDaniel,
R. Conser, and K. Piner