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28 November-2 December 2005 La Jolla, USA

Working Group report

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Working Group Working Papers

No. Title Authors and Contact
01 International Scientific Committee Albacore Working Group Data Base Catalog. Coan Jr., A.L.
02 Summary of the 2004 U.S. North and South Pacific Albacore Troll Fisheries. Childers, J.
03 Maturity Study for Albacore of the Pacific Ocean: A Proposal. Crone, P. and J. McDaniel
04 Update on the U.S. Albacore Archival Tagging Program: 2001-2005. Kohin, S. and J. Childers
05 Population Analysis of North Pacific Albacore Using a Length-based, Age-structured Model: Stock Synthesis 2. Crone, P., S. Hoyle,
S. Kohin and R. Conser
06 Preliminary Research Concerning Biological Reference Points Associated With North Pacific Albacore Population Dynamics and Fisheries. Conser, R., P. Crone,
S. Kohin, K. Uosaki,
M. Ogura and Y. Takeuchi
07 Preliminary Examination of Length-Weight Relationship for the North Pacific Albacore. Watanabe, K., K. Uosaki
and T. Kokubo
08 A Guide to Setting up a Stock Assessment for North Pacific Albacore in Stock Synthesis 2. Hoyle, S., M. Maunder
and P. Crone
09 Reproductive Biology of Albacore (Thunnus alalunga) from Central and Western Pacific Ocean. Hsu, C.-C. and K.-S. Chen
10 VPA and Beyond: Plans for North Pacific Albacore Assessments in 2006. Kohin, S., P. Crone
and R. Conser
11 IATTC Workshop on Reference Points for Tunas and Billfishes. Maunder, M.
12 The 2004 Canadian North Pacific Albacore Troll Fishery. Stocker, M. and W. Shaw
13 North Pacific Albacore Catch in the U.S. Longline Fishery. Wetherall, J. and A. Coan
14 Critical Evaluation of Abundance Index for North Pacific Albacore Caught by the Taiwanese Longline Fishery, 1995-2003. Lee, H.-H.