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Statistics Working Group

History of ISC STATWG

In 1996, ISC1 recognized the importance of collecting and archiving data for stock assessment purposes, and established a working group to address fisheries data collection, data processing and data distribution matters. Japan assumed the leadership of the Statistical Working Group (STATWG) and guidelines for addressing fisheries statistics were developed. The guidelines were approved at the ISC2 Plenary in 1999.

The first STATWG meeting was held on January 18-19 1999, chaired by Dr. Gary Sakagawa, with participants from Japan, Mexico, United States, Chinese Taipei, IATTC and SPC. The group reached agreement on the provision of historical Category I, II, and III data on an annual basis.

Terms of Reference of STATWG

The Statistics Working Group is currently responsible for overseeing the collection, compilation, archiving, and dissemination of fishery, biological and other data needed for stock assessments and for monitoring fishery development, statistics and bycatch. The STATWG is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the ISC database and the ISC website.


Membership of STATWG meetings include Data Correspondents of members, Chair and Data Manager of species Working Groups, Chair and Vice Chair of STATWG, ISC Data Administrator and ISC Webmaster.

◊ Chair and Vice Chair of STATWG

The STATWG Chair is responsible for conducting meetings of the STATWG, facilitating the development of annual and multi-year work plans, coordinating and implementing work plan assignments, scheduling meetings, and ensuring that Committee assignments are completed as required. The Chair is also responsible for meeting logistics including preparation of agendas, scheduling of presenters, appointing rapporteurs, and providing assignments for members. The Vice Chair of the STATWG assists the Chair with processing the aforementioned matters, and in the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair assumes all duties and responsibilities of the Chair.

◊ ISC Database Administrator

The ISC Database Administrator (DA) is responsible for managing a centralized database for storing data and files used or produced by ISC.

Duties include:
  • developing and maintaining the ISC database, including contracting development work to modify/improve the database;
  • supporting a working group portal system for members to submit their fishery statistics annually;
  • maintaining selective fishery statistics for monitoring the fisheries and for use in ISC general reports and on the ISC website;
  • sharing ISC fishery statistics with other fishery and scientific organizations;
  • producing the ISC catch tables annually for the ISC Plenary Report; and
  • archiving ISC stock assessment files for the species Working Groups.

◊ ISC Webmaster

The ISC Webmaster (WM) is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the ISC website including:
  • maintaining the site and all data portals so that content is easily created, posted, and maintained by content contributors,
  • ensuring that the website is updated with current information on meetings, schedules, reports, fisheries statistics, and stock status,
  • ensuring that information can be quickly searched and retrieved, and
  • ensuring that all web pages are easily navigated and have a graphically pleasing and coordinated design.

◊ Data Correspondent of ISC Members

Each member of the ISC is required to provide a Data Correspondent to participate in the ISC STATWG. The Data Correspondent is responsible for providing fisheries data and the data collection system information to the ISC STATWG annually, and serves as the member’s representative at STATWG meetings.


Working Group chair

Felipe Carvalho