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2012 Intercessional Plenary Report and Documents

19-21 December 2012 Webinar
2012 Intercessional Plenary Meeting Report


Index Document
Annex 1 List of meeting participants
Annex 2 ISC meeting agenda
Annex 3 List of meeting documents
Annex 4 Report of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna Working Group Workshop (Stock Assessment of the Albacore Tuna in the North Pacific Ocean in 2011) (November 2012)

Plenary Documents

Index Document
ISC/IM12/PLENARY/01 ISC Action Items from WCPFC-NC8
ISC/IM12/PLENARY/02 Operations Manual ā€Eedits to BASI section
ISC/IM12/PLENARY/03 ISC Plenary Observers background document