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18-25 November 2015 Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
Index Title, Authors and Contact
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/01 Updates of Japanese quarterly catch data up to 2014 fishing year.
Oshima, K. and Y. Hiraoka.   (oshimaka_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/02 Estimation of length frequency of Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese coastal longliners: updated up to 2014 fishing year.
Sakai, O., Y. Hiraoka, and K. Oshima.   (sakaios_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/03 A minor change in the estimation of length composition data of Japanese troll fisheries.
Fukuda, H., H. Uyama, and K. Oshima.   (fukudahiromu_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/04 Estimation of catch at size of Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese set net fisheries: updated up to 2014 fishing year.
Sakai, O., Y. Hiraoka, H. Fukuda, and K. Oshima.   (sakaios_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/05 PBF catch size-composition of the Mexican purse seine fishery fromdata collectdat pen reating operations: an update for 2013-2014.
Dreyfus-Leon, M. and A. Aires-daSilva.   (dreyfus_at_cicese.mx)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/06 US commercial and recreational fleets catch and associated composition data.
Lee, H.-H., K.R. Piner, L. Heberer, and J.M. Suter.   (huihua.lee_at_noaa.gov)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/07 Estimation of weight composition for Japanese small scale fisheries in Tsugaru Strait: Fleet 14 (Other fisheries).
Nishikawa, K., H. Fukuda, and K. Oshima.   (kiraranishi_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/08 Japanese troll CPUE targeting age-0 Pacific bluefin tuna: updated up to 2014 fishing year.
Sakai, O. and K. Oshima.   (sakaios_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/09 Japanese coastal longline CPUE for Pacific bluefin tuna: Tentative update up to 2014 fishing year.
Sakai, O., Y. Hiraoka, and K. Oshima.   (sakaios_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/10 Estimation of standardized CPUE series on Pacific bluefin tuna for Taiwanese longline fishery under incomplete data.
Chang, S.-K., H.-I Liu, and Y.-W. Fu.   (skchang_at_faculty.nsysu.edu.tw)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/11 Estimates of growth function from length-at-age data based on otolith annual rings and daily rings for pacific Bluefin tuna.
Fukuda, H., I. Yamasaki, Y. Takeuchi, T. Kitakado, T. Shimose, T. Ishihara, T. Ota, M. Watai, H.-B. Lu, and J.-C. Shiao.   (fukudahiromu_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/12 Simulation of methods of dealing with age-based movement in PBF stock assessment.
Lee, H.-H., K.R. Piner, M.N. Maunder, and R.D. Methot, Jr.   (huihua.lee_at_noaa.gov)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/13 Infection status of Euryphorus brachypterus (Copepoda: Caligidae) on wild Pacific bluefin tuna: A case study in the Tsugaru Strait, northern Japan.
Kanaiwa, M., Y. Yamamoto, Y. Hiraoka, M. Kato, and H. Katahira.   (m3kanaiw_at_bioindustry.nodai.ac.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/14 Update of R packages ‘ssfuture' for stochastic projections in future.
Akita, T., I. Tsuruoka, H. Fukuda, K. Oshima, and Y. Takeuchi.   (akitatetsuya1981_at_affrc.go.jp)
ISC/15/PBFWG-2/15 Preliminary analysis of catch and size data for Pacific bluefin tuan, Thunnus orientalis caught by Korean offshore large purse seine.
Kim, D.N., Y. Kwon, S.I. Lee, D.-H. An, H. Cho, and Ari.   (youjungkwon_at_gmail.com)
ISC/15/PBFWG-16 Brief review on size distribution of Taiwanese PBF catch.
Chang, S.-K., Y.-W. Fu, and H.I Liu.   (skchang_at_faculty.nsysu.edu.tw)
Oral Presentations
Updates of catch at size for Japanese small pelagic fish purse seiners.
Kumegai, Y., Y. Tei, H. Fukuda, and K. Oshima.   (oshimaka_at_affrc.go.jp)
Updates of catch at size for Japanese tuna purse seiners operated in the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean.
Tsuruoka, I., H. Uyama, and H. Fukuda.   (fukudahiromu_at_affrc.go.jp)