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10-17 November 2012 Honolulu, USA
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Estimate the frequency distribution of steepness for PBF. S. Iwata
02 A critical review on the PBF length-composition data for the EPO purse seine fishery with new data collected at Mexican PBF pen rearing operations. A. Aires-da-Silva and M. Dreyfus
03 A review of the fishery and size data for the purse seine fleet operating in the Japan Sea (Fleet 3). H. Fukuda, M. Kanaiwa, I. Tsuruoka, and Y. Takeuchi
04 Characteristic of size frequency data of Pacific Bluefin tuna from commercial fishery in the Eastern Pacific Ocean in recent years. S. Uematsu, S. Iwata, A. Mizuno, K. Oshima, H. Fukuda, M. Ichinokawa, and Y. Takeuchi
05 Shift of fishing efforts for Pacific bluefin tuna and target shift occurred in Japanese coastal longliners in recent years. K. Oshima, A. Mizuno, M. Ichinokawa, Y. Takeuchi, H. Nakano, and Y. Uozumi
06 Estimation of coefficient of variances in standardized CPUE of Pacific bluefin tuna caught by Japanese coastal longline with a nonparametric method. M. Ichinokawa and Y. Takeuchi
07 The preliminary result of stock dynamics for Pacific bluefin tuna -The descriptions of stock assessment model- S. Iwata, K. Oshima, M. Ichinokawa, A. Mizuno, S. Uematsu, H. Fukuda, M. Kai, K. Fujioka, and Y. Takeuchi
08 Preliminary population dynamics model of Pacific bluefin tuna. S. Teo and K. Piner
09 Catch characteristics and resources management of Pacific bluefin tuna caught by offshore large purse seine in Korean waters. S.C. Yoon, Z.G. Kim, S.I. Lee, M.K. Lee and D.-W. Lee