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10-11 July 2009 Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 A sensitivity analysis of alternative natural mortality assumptions in the PBF stock assessment. A. Aires-da-Silva, M. Maunder, R. Deriso, K. Piner, and H.-H. Lee
02 A sensitivity analysis of stock assessment for Pacific bluefin tuna using SS3 and the new mortality schedule. M. Kai, M. Ichinokawa, and Y. Takeuchi
03 Japanese catch updates for Pacific bluefin tuna. K. Oshima and Y. Takeuchi
04 Temporal and spatial variations in the catch of Pacific bluefin tuna by Korean domestic offshore fishery. J.-T. Yoo, S. Kang, H.-K. Cha, D.-Y. Moon, D.-H. An, D.-S. Chang, S.-J. Hwang, H.-S. Jo, D.-N. Kim, and K.-J. Seok
05 Supplement to the sensitivity analysis of natural mortality schedule on the stock assessment results of PBF: bootstrap, future projection and yield-per-recruit analysis. M. Ichinokawa, M. Kai, and Y. Takeuchi