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19-21 July 2007 Busan, Korea

Working Group Report

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Working Group Working Papers

No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Re-examination of estimation of the small PBF catches by Japanese small pelagic purse seine fisheries in the East China Sea. Yamada, H. and Y. Takeuchi
02 Reviews of weight-length relationships on PBF. Kai, M.
03 Estimates of the age-length relationship of Pacific bluefin tuna with descriptive analysis on uncertaintities remained. Tanabe, T. and M. Kai
04 Review of stock condition in relation to the strength of 2001 year class Oshima, K.
05 The systematic error of standardized CPUE's trend by historical change in fishing area-coverage. Kanaiwa, M., Y. Takeuchi
and K. Yokawa