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19-26 May 2009 Busan, Korea
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Input data for a North Pacific swordfish stock assessment using Bayesian Production Models. D. Courtney and L. Wagatsuma
02 Development of Bayesian surplus production models for assessing the North Pacific swordfish population. J. Brodziak and G. Ishimura
03 Model-averaging to account prior uncertainty in swordfish intrinsic growth rate and carrying capacity. G. Ishimura and J. Brodziak
04 Input data for a North Pacific swordfish stock assessment using Stock Synthesis. D. Courtney and E. Fletcher
05 Preliminary Stock Synthesis Model Sensitivity Runs for a North Pacific swordfish (Xiphias gladius) stock assessment. D. Courtney and K. Piner
06 Size composition of the California Driftnet Fishery, 1981-Present. K. Piner
07 Input Data of Japanese Catch Amount of a North Pacific Swordfish Stock Assessment. A. Kimoto and K. Yokawa
08 Size conversions for striped marlin. A. Klett and L. Fleischer
09 CPUE time series from the California Driftnet Fishery, 1985-Present. K. Piner and A. Betcher
10 Characteristics of spatial variations in the catch of billfish in the Pacific Ocean and factors affecting annual changes in the catch. J.-T. Yoo, D.-H. An,
D.-Y. Moon, S.-J. Hwang,
H.-S. Jo and D.-S. Chang
11 Analysis of the operation pattern and catch-rates of blue marlin for the Japanese and Taiwanese longline fisheries in the Pacific Ocean. N.-J. Su, C.-L. Sun,
K. Yokawa, G. DiNardo,
M. Kanaiwa and S. Yeh
12 The evaluation of removing hook adjacent to floats for catch amount. M. Kanaiwa, K. Bigelow
and K. Yokawa
13 Stock assessment of swordfish, Xiphias gladius, in the North Pacific Ocean using an age-structured population dynamic model. C.-L. Sun, N.-J. Su
and S.-Z.Yeh