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8-15 January 2008 Honolulu, USA
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Model selection for standardizing striped marlin catch-per-unit-effort in the Hawaii-based longline fishery. Brodziak, J. and W. Walsh
02 Estimation of ratio of spawning biomass of striped marlin above 20°N in the Central and Western North Pacific Ocean using the Japanese distant water longline fleet and the 2007 stock assessment. Piner, K. and R. Conser
03 A comparison of gear configuration and capture by hook, depth, and habitat for Japanese training vessel and Hawaii-based tuna longline fisheries. Kanaiwa, M., K. Bigelow
and K. Yokawa
04 A comparison of observed catenary angles and estimated angles with a statistical habitat-based standardization model with a multiple species approach. Kanaiwa, M., K. Bigelow
and K. Yokawa
05 Archiving blue marlin harvesting in Japanese coastal fishery. Ishimura, G., K. Yokawa
and M. Ichinokawa