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8-15 November 2006 Shimizu, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Brief description of Japanese striped marlin and swordfish catches in the north Pacific. K. Yokawa
02 An update on landing and sex-specific size composition data of striped marlin and swordfish in the Taiwanese offshore and coastal fisheries. C.-L. Sun, S.-Z. Yeh,
S.-P. Wang, Y.-J. Chang
and W.-C. Chiang
03 Updated review table of vital rates and life history parameters for striped marlin, swordfish, and blue marlin in the North Pacific Ocean. J. Uchiyama and R. Humphreys, Jr.
04 Update of CPUE standardizations of striped marlin caught by Japanese coastal longliners in the northwest Pacific. K. Yokawa
05 Standardized CPUE of striped marlin caught by Japanese distant water longliners using set-by-set data in the north Pacific. M. Ichinokawa and K. Yokawa
06 Standardization of Taiwanese tuna longline catch rates for striped marlin in the North Pacific Ocean. C.-L. Sun, S.-Z. Yeh
and S.-P. Wang
07 Comparison of dELTA GLM and statistical habitat-based models (statHBS) to estimate standardized CPUE for striped marlin. K. Bigelow
08 Using statHBS with multiple species on same time to estimate catenary curve. M. Kanaiwa and K. Yokawa
09 U.S. Swordfish Fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean. R. Ito