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29 August-2 September 2005 Shimizu, Japan
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Status of ISC data base inventory for the fisheries related with marlins and swordfish. H. Yamada, M. Takahashi, and F. Muto
02 Review of the ISC Albacore Working Group data base. A. Coan Jr.
03 Review of product form conversion ratios for the Hawaii billfish catch. R. Ito
04 LJFL and EFL relationship for the billfishes caught by the Taiwanese offshore and coastal fisheries. N.-J. Su, C.-L. Sun, S.-Z. Yeh, W.-C. Chiang, S.-P. Wang, and C.-H. Liu
05 U.S. commercial fisheries for marlins in the North Pacific Ocean. R. Ito and W. Walsh
06 U.S. West Coast fisheries and data collections for swordfish and striped, blue and black marlin. A. Coan Jr.
07 A review of Taiwan's billfish fishery in the Pacific Ocean. C.-L. Sun, S.-Z. Yeh, S.-P. Wang, W.-C. Chiang, and N.-J. Su
08 Review of Japan's size data for striped and blue marlin caught by offshore and distant water longliners. H. Saito
09 Review of size data of swordfish caught by Japanese longliners in the north Pacific. K. Yokawa
10 Size composition data for billfishes caught by the Hawaii-based U.S. longline fleet: data collection, sample sizes, and other metadata. J. Wetherall and B. Miyamoto
11 Analysis of the sexed size data of billfishes from the Taiwanese offshore and coastal fisheries. S.-P. Wang, C.-L. Sun, S.-Z. Yeh, W.-C. Chiang, N.-J. Su, and C.-H. Liu
12 Review table of vital rates and life history parameters for striped marlin, swordfish, and blue marlin in the North Pacific Ocean. J. Uchiyama and R. Humphreys Jr.
13 Vertical distribution pattern of striped marlin estimated using pop-up tag data. H. Saito and K. Yokawa
14 Vertical distribution pattern of CPUE for striped marlin in the north Pacific estimated by the with data of the time, depth and temperature recorders collected through a longline research cruise of Shoyo-maru in 2004 in the north east Pacific, preliminary results. K. Yokawa, M. Kanaiwa, Y. Takeuchi, and H. Saito
15 Reproductive biology of the blue marlin Makaira nigricans around Yonaguni Island, southwestern Japan. T. Shimose, M. Fujita, H. Saito, K. Yokawa, and K. Tachihara
16 Microsatellite and mitchondrial DNA analyses of striped marlin (Tetrapturus audax) population structure in the Pacific Ocean. J. Mcdowell and J. Graves
17 Genetic heterogeneity of Pacific swordfish (Xiphias gladius L.) revealed by the analysis of ldh-A sequences. A.Bremer, M. Hinton, and T. Greig
18 Operation patterns of Japanese offshore and distant-water longliners in the North Pacific, with emphasis on the billfishes. K. Yokawa
19 Preliminary results of striped marlin CPUE standardization using a statistical habitat model. M. Kanaiwa, Y. Takeuchi, H. Saito, and K. Yokawa
20 Standardized CPUE of striped marlin caught by Japanese large-mesh drift fishery in the north Pacific for the periods between 1977 and 1993. K. Yokawa
21 Monitor of the change of shortening ratio of longliner gear during an operation using a newly developed buoy with a built-in GPS. S. Koyama, S. Shimizu, K. Yokawa, and H. Saito
22 Application of a Bayesian surplus production model to blue shark (Prionace glauca) in the North Pacific. S. Clarke and M. McAllister
Info/01 Report of Statistics Working Group. ISC