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January 2002 Nagasaki, Japan
Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Updated biological research in support of swordfish stock assessment. E. Dematini,
R. Humphreys, Jr.
and J. Uchiyama
02 U.S. swordfish fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean. R. Ito and A. Coan, Jr.
03 NMFS Honolulu laboratory research to reduce bycatch of sea turtles. M. Laurs, C. Boggs,
R. Brill and Y. Swimmer
04 Stock assessment of swordfish in the North Pacific using MULTIFAN-CL. P. Kleiber and K. Yokawa
05 An update of Taiwan's North Pacific swordfish fishery. C.-L. Sun, S.-Z. Yeh
and S.-P. Wang
06 Sex ratios and sexual maturity of swordfish Xiphias gladius in the waters of Taiwan. C.-L. Sun, S.-P. Wang
and S.-Z Yeh
07 Standardized catch rate and abundance index for swordfish caught by Japanese longliner in the North Pacific in 1975-2000. H. Minami and K. Yokawa
08 Preliminary result of food habits of the swordfish, Xiphias gladius, in the subtropical saters of the Western North Pacific. H. Watanabe and K. Yokawa
09 Status of fisheries and swordfish in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. M. Hinton
10 An oceanographic characterization of swordfish longline fishing grounds in the subtropical North Pacific during spring. M. Seki, J. Polovina,
D. Kobayashi, R. Bidigare
and G. Mitchum
11 Initial results from Pop-up Satellite Archival Transmitter (PSAT) attachments to swordfish in Hawaii. M. Musyl, R. Brill,
C. Boggs and K. Bigelow
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 Analysis of swimming behavior of a swordfish using an archival tag. M. Takashi, M. Okazaki,
H. Okamura and K. Yokawa
02 Report of the Swordfish Working Group Meeting (tabled at the second meeting of the ISC, convened in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A., January 1999).