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28 February-6 March 2008 La Jolla, USA
Working Group Report
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Working Group Working Papers
No. Title Authors and Contact
01 The 2007 Canadian North Pacific albacore troll fishery. M. Stocker and J. Holmes
02 International Scientific Committee Albacore Working Group Database Catalog. J. Childers
03 Summary of the 2006 U.S. North and South Pacific Albacore Troll Fisheries. J. Childers and A. Betcher
04 A review of Japanese albacore fisheries in the North Pacific. K. Uosaki
05 Sampling design and statistics associated with the USA troll and longline fisheries that target albacore in the North Pacific Ocean. P Crone and J. McDaniel
06 Population analysis of North Pacific albacore based on the stock assessment program Stock Synthesis 2. NOAA Fisheries South West Fisheries Science Center, National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries, and Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission
07 Kobe plots for North Pacific albacore. R. Conser
08 North Pacific albacore catch in the U.S. longline fishery - an update. J. Wetherall and J. Childers
09 Mexican progress report on the albacore tuna fishery. L. Fleischer and M. Dreyfuss
10 Analysis of the North Pacific albacore fishing mortality rates (F) associated with the major surface and longline fisheries during 1966-2004. R. Conser and P. Crone
11 Preliminary results of stock assessment of North Pacific albacore using Stock Synthesis 2. K. Watanabe
12 Causes of disparity between age-aggregated abundance index and total of age-specific ones for North Pacific albacore from Japanese longline fishery. K. Watanabe
13 Variability in North Pacific albacore length composition in their spawning area. K. Uosaki